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AIDS Memorial Quilt  

AIDS Memorial Quilt at UT

November 8 - December 3, 2021

The McClung Museum has partnered with UT’s Pride Center to showcase a block from the AIDS Memorial Quilt as a part of as cross campus display.

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Between the Hand and Sky: The Art of Elizabeth Gould

August 20 - December 4, 2021

Elizabeth Gould was a prolific artist. She designed and lithographed more than 650 natural history illustrations in her lifetime – some of which were among the most important bird illustrations created. This exhibition features over thirty of her works, and it seeks to bring Gould to the forefront, acknowledging her extensive contributions.

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Ornithological Quadrupeds

August 30, 2021–January 28, 2022

Ornithological Quadrupeds features prints from Beauvais Lyons, University of Tennessee Chancellor’s Professor of Art. Lyons’ whimsical prints, which are a companion display to Between the Hand and Sky: The Art of Elizabeth Gould, draw on the tradition of natural history illustration by artists including Elizabeth Gould and John James Audubon.

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Ancient Egypt exhibit entrance  

Ancient Egypt: The Eternal Voice

A fine collection of original objects, most manufactured more than 2,000 years ago, shed light on the daily life, religion, and writings of these captivating people.

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Painting by Greg Harlin  

Archaeology & the Native Peoples of Tennessee

The incredibly rich Native American heritage of Tennessee and the archaeological work that has assisted in understanding that past are revealed in this comprehensive and engaging exhibition.

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McClung Museum building  

Edmontosaurus Annectens

Meet the McClung Museum’s newest addition, and University of Tennessee’s newest and oldest Vol–an Edmontosaurus annectens named “Monty” by popular vote.

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Mosasaur in the Geology Exhibit  

Geology & Fossil History of Tennessee

Exhibits include hundreds-of-millions-of-years-old fossils, more recent Ice Age fossils, and ongoing accounts of present day geological and climatic events.

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Human Origins Ceiling  

Human Origins: Searching for our Fossil Ancestors

The McClung Museum presents a comprehensive overview of the scientific understanding of the last six million years of the evolution of hominids—humans and our ancestors.

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Tennessee Freshwater Mussels

Tennessee Freshwater Mussels is divided into three broad subject areas: the biology and diversity of freshwater mussels; the Native American use of freshwater mussels; and the commercial use of freshwater mussels—the button and pearl industries, both cultured and natural.

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First Light, November 29, 1863, Painting by Ken Smith  

The Civil War in Knoxville: The Battle of Fort Sanders

The Civil War in Knoxville begins with an overview of the national political situation in the fall of 1863 and then focuses on the pivotal role of Knoxville’s Battle of Fort Sanders and East Tennessee during the American Civil War.

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Decorative Arts Gallery  

The Decorative Experience

The art that humans make, whether used in daily life or only for important events, is a powerful form of human communication.

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Shane Pickett: Djinong Djina Boodja (Look at the Land That I Have Travelled)

January 14 - May 7, 2022

During his lifetime, Shane Pickett (1957–2010) was acclaimed as one of Western Australia’s most significant contemporary Aboriginal artists. Featuring 29 works from the most radical and significant phase of his career, Djinong Djina Boodja (Look at the Land That I Have Travelled) is the first major exhibition of Pickett’s work in the US.

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The Spirit of Día de los Muertos

August 26–December 11, 2022

For the first time in its exhibition history the McClung Museum is celebrating the deeply-rooted traditions and colorful spirit of the Day of the Dead in fall 2022. The Spirit of Día de los Muertos highlights the rich history of the Mexican celebration that honors and remembers loved ones passed with artistic sentimentality.

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