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Publications and Research Notes

Cheryl L. Morrison, Nathan A. Johnson, Jess W. Jones, Michael S. Eackles, Aaron W. Aunins, Daniel B. Fitzgerald, Eric M. […]

Timothy Baumann1, 2, 3, Katharina Höland4, Ingo Ohlsson5, Kandace Hollenbach1, 2, Hector Castro4, 6, Shawn Campagna4, 6 At the University […]

by Thomas J. Near, Daniel J. MacGuigan, Emily L. Boring, Jeffrey W. Simmons, Brett Albanese, Benjamin P. Keck, Richard C. […]

by Gerald R. Dinkins, Kristin I. Womble, and Steven A. Ahlstedt Abstract The freshwater mussel fauna of the Barren River […]

by Chase H. Smith, Nathan A. Johnson, John M. Pfeiffer, and Michael M. Gangloff Abstract Accurate taxonomic placement is vital […]

    Abstract – Simpsonaias ambigua (Salamander Mussel) is the only North American freshwater mussel known to parasitize an amphibian […]

by Matthew P. Reed, Gerald R. Dinkins*, and Steven A. Ahlstedt 2019. “Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Margaritiferidae and Unionidae) of the […]

by Barbara J. Dinkins and Gerald R. Dinkins* “An Inventory of the Land Snails and Slugs (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda and Pulmonata) […]

In preparation for the upcoming exhibition, Debut: Recent Acquisitions, the museum worked with a conservator to stabilize a rare 19th-century […]

During the Mississippian period (c. 1000–1600 CE) in the Southeast, paint, or more appropriately, color, became prominent in the archaeological […]