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Museum At Home

One of many wonderful things about working at a University museum is that there is a campus full of experts […]

November: Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) It’s persimmon season! In late fall the yellow-green berry fruits of the persimmon trees ripen into […]

The McClung’s annual celebration of International Archaeology Day, Can You Dig it? (CYDI), has been a programming staple for over […]

When you hear “chestnuts” your first thought may be of Nat “King” Cole’s famous holiday song and “roasting on an […]

As a part of the McClung Museum’s Museum in Progress initiative and new Collections Management Policy, we have been taking efforts address […]

In Buddhist traditions, bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who have achieved nirvana or enlightenment, but have delayed entering paradise in order […]

The McClung plays a big role in the UT experience for many members of our campus community. To highlight these […]

Timothy Baumann1, 2, 3, Katharina Höland4, Ingo Ohlsson5, Kandace Hollenbach1, 2, Hector Castro4, 6, Shawn Campagna4, 6 At the University […]

Our September Plant of the Month is pawpaw (Asimina triloba) because it is currently pawpaw season! Pawpaw is a perennial […]

Today’s #OnDisplay is an example of how the most workaday objects can be an important peek into a culture. These […]