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Museum At Home

What is the McClung Student Advisory Board?  General Definition Student advisory boards act as liaisons between students and academic museums […]

Corn, beans, and squash, the “Three Sisters” are typically the most common crops that come to mind when referencing indigenous […]

Late Nineteenth-Century Knoxville, Tennessee by Garrett Wamack – Graduate Research Assistant at the McClung Museum The pictured bottle originates from […]

  A few years ago, the McClung was able to acquire the print And Now Where by American artist Rockwell Kent. […]

In honor of Black History Month, February’s plant of the month is an important African Diaspora food: Okra! Characteristics: Okra […]

Sometime in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, children would have been playing in a small residential neighborhood in […]

It has been a while since we have had a #SundaySong. Today’s is a sweet love song by the New […]

Our next Plant of the Month focuses on a larger grouping of plants with similar growth forms: potatoes (Solanum tuberosum), […]

Back in October of 2020, the museum launched an #AdoptAnObject campaign for conservation of a portrait of Tillie McClung, by […]

December: Holly (Ilex sp.) In December ‘tis the season where many winter plants and trees serve as the center of […]