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Museum At Home

The McClung Museum is lucky enough to have a small collection of hats from around the world in its collection. […]

With our garden in full glory, we couldn’t pick just one Plant of the Month! Earlier this year, we started […]

Early Life Frishmuth was born in 1880 in Philadelphia to a family of physicians. It is thought that this early […]

“Here we go round the mulberry bush” is a popular nursery rhyme familiar to many. But how well do you […]

From the blooms that provide nectar to butterflies, to the seeds that are eaten by goldfinches, to the leaves and […]

When I applied for the exhibitions and curation internship, I was drawn to the description that the intern would be […]

April: Saint John’s Wort (Hypericum sp.) “St John’s wort doth charm all the witches away. If gathered at midnight on the […]

What is the McClung Student Advisory Board?  General Definition Student advisory boards act as liaisons between students and academic museums […]

Corn, beans, and squash, the “Three Sisters” are typically the most common crops that come to mind when referencing indigenous […]

Late Nineteenth-Century Knoxville, Tennessee by Garrett Wamack – Graduate Research Assistant at the McClung Museum The pictured bottle originates from […]