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McClung Student Advisory Board

Applications are now open!

Review the Board’s Constitution (Updated Spring 2023).

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Current Executive Board

Anna Parrish


Senior, Anthropology: Forensic Concentration

Hello, I’m Anna, a senior currently immersed in my academic journey. The McClung Museum has been a constant source of inspiration for me, especially during my numerous classes held within its walls. From the very first moment I stepped into the museum, I was captivated by the variety of exhibits, knowledge, and creativity it houses. Now, as a member of the McClung Museum Student Advisory Board (MSAB), I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that have enriched my academic path. Being part of MSAB is more than just a title; it’s a commitment to giving back to a place that has played a significant role in my educational experience. The McClung has been a treasure trove of learning, and through MSAB, I hope to contribute to its continued growth and impact on its community. As a senior, I am particularly excited about the chance to reflect on my journey and offer insights to both MSAB and the McClung. In this pivotal stage of my academic life, MSAB provides a platform for me to connect with like-minded peers and professionals, fostering a collaborative environment where we can shape our collective future. I believe that the McClung Museum holds the potential to inspire and educate, and I am eager to play a role in promoting its significance within our community.

Annie Platillero

(any pronouns)

Junior, Anthropology

During my experience on the McClung Museum Student Advisory Board, I have moved from being a scared freshman, just having classes at the McClung, to a passionate member of the board and a lover of museums. The McClung and its staff caught my interest, and they have not disappointed. Working on events and fundraising with my committee has helped me understand my career path and connect with those who have similar interests. The board has helped me connect with the community of Knoxville and provide events to visitors from all over the world. This community I became a part of is supportive and informative, and I have learned a lot about myself, the museum field, and opportunities for after college.

Zoe Bear


Junior, Anthropology

I joined the board because I wanted to surround myself with like-minded people who share my love for the McClung and for museums as a whole. Becoming a member of MSAB has solidified my love for museums and given me the opportunity to explore the many facets of museum work. I am so glad to be part of a group of people who appreciate the McClung and want to give back to the community.

Clarissa Trent


Senior, Anthropology & Museum Studies

I joined MSAB because of the welcoming nature I encountered from members when I was a freshman. Although this is my first year on the board, I am excited about the people I have met and will continue to meet. All the opportunities MSAB offers have allowed me to explore a field I’m passionate about. My goal is to someday go into the museum field, and through MSAB, I’m able to work with like-minded people who want to see me succeed.

Anastacia Managan


Junior, History

I joined MSAB to bring the McClung Museum experience to college students, and to surround myself with people who share my passion for museums. I knew that serving on MSAB was a unique opportunity, but I could not predict how much personal and academic growth I would experience because of it. I have gained invaluable skills and experience by networking with museum professionals and exploring the many aspects of museum work. I have also made amazing friends who continue to inspire me. I took a chance on a possible career, and with the help of the friends I have made and the things I have learned, I realized that I wanted to remain in the museum field. I cannot wait to continue growing in my career, while giving back to the UTK community and the McClung Museum.

Sarah Grace Cook


Freshman, Geology & Environmental Studies

Museums have always held a special place in my heart. I’m so pleased I get to work with MSAB to promote the McClung Museum! Being on MSAB has only furthered my love for natural history, culture, and the museum field. I hope to inspire those on UTK’s campus to be as excited about the McClung Museum as I am!

Graduate Advisor

Alex Miller (they/she)

GA of Academic Programs | MSIS Graduate Student

Staff Advisor

Katy Malone (she/her)

Manager of Education & Community Engagement | Curator of Academic Programs

Anastacia Managan, Clarissa Trent, Gabby Puckett, & Sean Burke pose for a tintype by photographer, Kelsey Dillow, during a program for the Fall 2023 temporary exhibition, In Conversation: Will Wilson.