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McClung Student Advisory Board

The McClung Student Advisory Board plays a critical leadership role for the museum by serving as a liaison for UT’s student community. Members are chosen through an application process.

You can keep up to date with what the students have been up to by reading their blog posts here.

Review the Board’s Constitution (adopted in March 2019).

Current McClung Student Advisory Board

Sean Burke

Senior, College Scholars: Museum Accessibility

The McClung Museum Student Advisory Board gave me direction at a time that I needed it most. I knew I wanted to work with museums in some capacity, but I had no idea how museums worked, let alone much of an idea of what they did outside of putting on exhibitions. The board provided me an opportunity to explore the world of museum professionals without needing to be thrust right into the harsh reality of museum work. With the help of the members of the MSAB and a few McClung Museum employees, I’ve both found a place I belong and realized by future aspirations, something I hope we can do for future members.

Lauren Malone

Senior, Anthropology

I joined the board because I wanted to be a part of the educational journey that museums provide. For academics and the general public alike, museums open the door to new ideas, innovations, histories, and life experiences. Being alongside other students that share my passion for the McClung and the museum world as a whole is going to be a great opportunity to make connections and begin shaping our journey in this field. I am very excited to be part of such a wonderful team who want to share with others the importance museums like the McClung have on our communities. What I love most about the McClung is that it has such a wide array of exhibits that can reach all sorts of different audiences and interests. No matter if you are a student, tourist to Knoxville, or general community member, there is bound to be something that the McClung highlights in its collections that will leave you in awe.

Anna Parrish

Junior, Anthropology: Forensic Concentration

Hello my name is Anna (she/her) and I am currently in my Junior year. I have been lucky enough to have many classes in the McClung Museum. The moment I stepped into the museum for the first time I was amazed at all the exhibits, knowledge, fun, and creativity that the museum holds. Being a part of MSAB allows me to give back to the museum that has given so much to me.

Matt Hoover

Master’s Student, Anthropology: Archaeology

I joined the board because I value the role museums play in educating the public and serving the community, and I want to be a part of an institution like that. My career also may involve significant interactions or employment by a museum, so being on MSAB serves as professional development as well.

Anna Duffey

Junior, Sociology and Anthropology: Forensic Concentration

Growing up my family would take me to many museums including the McClung Museum. I was always fascinated by all the different exhibits offered and thats where my curiosity started. I knew from that moment that my interest would be in Anthropology and all the different branches that fall under it. I have had many classes in the McClung Museum and it has been an amazing experience. Every time I walk in theirs always something new and enticing to learn dealing with the artifacts and history behind the museum. I hold a deep appreciation for the McClung Museum because its shaped me into the student I am today.

Ashlynn Malone

Junior, Neuroscience

I joined the board because I have been visiting the museum since I was a kid and I have always loved it. I have such good memories exploring the exhibits and learning more about such a variety of fields, especially history. Whereas I have gone a different path in my career goals than museums, the board allows me to still explore the passion and love I have for museums and history.

Brian Boyce

PhD Student, Anthropology: Cultural

As an international student I thought that it was a great way to meet people with similar interests as mine as well develop professionally and personally. I hope to be inspired to curate Caribbean exhibits one day. I also think that representation matters and someone may be inspired by my journey. I think of the McClung as a safe space where solace and inspiration can be found.

Caroline Kenney

Senior, Anthropology/Art History

I joined the McClung museum board because I love how great of a resource it is for students and members of the community, and I was excited about the opportunity to be involved with an organization that is so beneficial. What I love most about the McClung is how diverse it is. The museum features all types of exhibits, from Egyptian art to evolutionary biology. There is always something new and exciting happening with the McClung museum, and I think it is a great place for people to learn new things and become inspired.

Ryan Mesler

Freshman, Biochemistry: English and Spanish minors

I love the community of the McClung board, as finding a new organization can be very intimidating for a freshman. Not only does everyone share the same passion for museums as me, but they are all extremely welcoming and open to the new members.

McClung Graduate Advisors: Alex Miller (, GA of Academic Programs, Master’s Student, Information Science
Museum Staff Liaison: Katy Malone (, Curator of Academic Programs

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The founding McClung Student Advisory Board, 2019