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Between the Hand and Sky: The Art of Elizabeth Gould

Dates: August - December 2021

Elizabeth Gould (1804–1840) is best known as the lifelong assistant of her husband John Gould. Together the couple published a series of ornithological texts chronicling thousands of bird species. However, Elizabeth Gould was more than just the assistant to or wife of her husband. Elizabeth’s artistic contributions to ornithology have been chronically underrepresented, though she is responsible for some of the most important illustrations of birds ever published. During her lifetime, she designed and lithographed more than 650 natural history illustrations. This exhibition of more than thirty lithographs and books seeks to bring Elizabeth Gould to the forefront and acknowledge her life’s work and artistic contributions.

Curated by Erin Wohletz.
Wohletz served as the Arts and Culture Collection GRA during the 2018 academic year. She is currently an MFA candidate with UT’s School of Art and Design.

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