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Publications and Research Notes

Much of what we know about ancient Egypt is due to the dedicated efforts of American Egyptologists. This paper explores […]

by Elaine Altman Evans, Curator/Adj.Asst.Prof., McClung Museum, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville …thus I evolved myself under the evolutions of […]

Exhibition catalogue for With Pride They Made These: Tribal Styles in Plains Indian Art (1995).

by Betty J. Duggan, Department of Anthropology, University of Tennessee The Hopi people live in a dozen villages, or adobe […]

by Elaine A. Evans, Curator/Adjunct Assistant Professor, McClung Museum, University of Tennessee INTRODUCTION …may thy ba not be repelled from […]

By Martin S. Kohl, Tennessee Division of Geology and Jonathan R. Bryan, Department of Geology, Florida State University On April […]

by Larry R. Kimball, Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University Hopewell blades (Figure 1) are small, elongate, unifacial (worked on […]

by Brett H. Riggs, Department of Anthropology, University of Tennessee An elaborate complex of fire ceremonialism is documented among a […]

by Jonathan R. Bryan, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Tennessee Recently, several dinosaur bones were rediscovered in the paleontological […]

by Maria O. Smith, Department of Anthropology, Northern Illinois University, and Research Associate, McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture […]