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Ancient Egypt exhibit entrance

Ancient Egypt: The Eternal Voice

Dates: August 29, 1992 - July 23, 2022

Through the art, artifacts, and writings in this exhibition, the ancient Egyptians still speak to us.

A fine collection of original objects, most manufactured more than 2,000 years ago, shed light on the daily life, religion, and writings of these captivating people. A small number of replicas complement the ancient objects, allowing the visitor insight into an ancient way of life.

The gallery is organized by theme, showcasing the rich culture of the ancient people of the Nile valley. One side of the gallery focuses on the royal and the divine, two aspects of Egyptian culture that continue to captivate modern audiences. A sample of authentic tools and crafts, organized on the opposite side of the gallery, shows that the everyday Egyptians were no less fascinating.

A separate space in the exhibit is dedicated to the objects associated with mummification and burial. Here, the visitor will find amulets to magically protect the dead, a coffin that once belonged to a priestess of the god Amun, and even animal mummies, preserved for eternity. These objects are bold reminders that the Egyptians valued life above all else, and sought its continuation, even in death.

From the sacred statues of gods and goddesses, to the mundane tools of everyday life, such as hair combs, shoes, and writing implements, this exhibit brings ancient Egypt to life. Through these objects, we can imagine what it might once have been like to live in the ancient Nile valley.

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