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Scandinavian doll in regional dress

Scandinavian Doll

Doll, unknown date, porcelain, fabric and beads, Donated by Catherine Ann Taylor Miller, 1945.2.41.

This porcelain doll is clothed in one of the many variants of traditional Scandinavian dress. The banded dress is made of wool with a cotton apron edged with lace. The bodice of the dress is decorated with hand sewn beads. The doll’s headdress is made with delicate pleats, which are gathered at the back with a string at the nape of the neck. Traditional dress for males and females from the Scandinavian countries varied regionally and was highly distinct. Each area had a local set of costumes with different outfits worn for specific occasions or celebrations. In Sweden alone, there are over 500 regional female and over 200 male costumes known. This doll was donated to the museum in 1945 and likely represents dress from the first half of the twentieth century.