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Digital Object Studies

Digital Object Studies allow you to use objects from our collections for coursework. These primary source materials can prompt writing assignments, enhance lessons, or inspire discussion.

Each item selected for Digital Object Study comes with:

  • Multiple still images that include all angels and detail shots.
  • A short, silent video.
  • A full information sheet about the object.

These files are ONLY accessible with permission from the museum.


Request Digital Object Studies


Contact the Curator of Academic Programs, Katy Malone.

Currently Available for Digital Object Studies

The following objects were selected by other faculty members for course assignments. Links below will provide a brief description.
To access full Digital Object Study files contact Katy Malone.
Vase 1958.186 Teapot 1957.5.159 Sconce 2018.23 Pitcher 1936.4.885
Plate 1934.1.250

Window 1934.1.265.1

Painting 1934.1..979

Painting 1957.3.712

Pitcher 1934.4.1031

Book 1945.2.128

Basket 1952.5.1

Mess Kit 1989.19.4

Vessel 2019.15

Vase 2018.22.2

Pamphlet 1945.1.181

Certificate 1945.1.71

Book 1945.1.176

Shofar 1945.2.98

Hat 1945.2.162

Tallith 1945.2.172

Painting 1974.17.10

Quilt 1965.23.1

Print 2015.1.21

Print 2010.25.12

Print 2015.1.7

Print 2014.20.1

Print 1979.10.1.12

Print 2015.1.26

Print 2017.1.1

Textile NA.2015.3.8

Jar 2007.4.2

Stool 2005.2.4

Basket 2002.7.1

Jar 2003.6.36

Cup 2003.6.41

Basket 1998.9.1

Vessel 1996.14.175

Blanket 1966.10.1

Vase 1958.5.183

Stool 2005.2.5
Sculpture NA-
Education Collection
Print 2015.1.16 Painting 1957.3.530 Drawing 1965.3.22
Postcard 1988.21.2 Photograph 2017.5.1 Biospecimen 1946.7.1 Specimen, Animal 2014.23.1
Print 2017.10.8 Card 2017.12.1 Card 2017.12.2

Note that there is no narration or sound with object videos.

Digital Object Study materials are designed to be as flexible as possible. A single object can be used to tell a myriad of stories or to prompt many conversations! We can schedule a discussion or lecture to go with the video to match your teaching goals. The video can also serve as raw material should you want to discuss the item yourself, or allow students to explore and analyze an object on their own.

Support Materials for building your assignments.

Gain access to files for any of the items listed here and/or schedule a companion discussion for your class. Don’t see the object you need? Make a request!

Request Digital Object Studies