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Special Exhibitions

Many Visions, Many Versions: Art from Indigenous Communities in India

The exhibition explores the breadth of cultural traditions in India, revealing a dynamic aesthetic that remains deeply rooted in traditional culture, yet vitally responsive to issues of global concern.

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Pygmy Rattlesnake

Prints That Kill: Poisonous Plants and Animals

This mini-exhibition of almost thirty prints explores poisonous plants and animals in nature, drawing from the museum’s extensive natural history print collection.

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Tondo Crop

Femina Princeps: A First Lady of the Roman Empire

This mini-exhibition of Roman coins from the museum’s permanent collections reveals a tension between Roman society’s expectations for women and the reality some created for themselves.

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View of Case from Life on the Roman Frontier Exhibit

Life on the Roman Frontier

From building materials and sacred goddesses, to dishes and military boots, the objects in this exhibit give us a glimpse into the everyday lives of soldiers and civilians who lived on the Roman Frontier.

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