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Academic Programs Examples

How are faculty and students working with academic programs at the McClung Museum to create unique interactive learning experiences and projects? Here are a few examples.

History 332: Europe in the Age of Total War, 1900–2000 Students View Objects as Part of Lecture

“Teaching with museum objects is so rewarding for me because they are not just exemplars, but rather they are doorways into the past. They provoke even more questions, by their very existence! Students RESPOND deeply and with interest to the presence of a trace of the past . . . who would produce a medal actually celebrating the deadly 1915 torpedoing of the cruise liner Lusitania, sunk by German submarines? What does that tell us about modern warfare and propaganda? How does a French metal relief from the interwar period showing a classical allegorical figure symbolizing victory illustrate hopes for peace, soon to be dashed? What does a gas mask tell us about the destructive potential of modern industrial warfare? Even further, how did these objects even get here? How did McClung Museum end up with these marvelous and rich collections speaking to wider world history? The very act of collecting and careful museum work then becomes part of the larger story!”

-Dr. Vejas Liulevicius, History

Motivation (PSYC320) and Honors General Psychology (PSYC117) Students Visit Museum to Talk about Civil Rights

“I am still tingling with energy from the epiphanies we achieved through our examination of material objects from McClung’s Geography Awareness Week exhibit on Civil Rights. I can’t believe we were able to make so many profound connections between psychology, art, history, geography and sociology . . . the students could finally SEE how MEMORY, as maintained through objects, can function as a source of contagion . . . You more than helped me realize a pipe-dream, you have revolutionized my approach to pedagogy.”

-Dr. Sally Seraphin, Psychology

Robert Rennie and UT students look at an 18th century gun and slave shackles. McClung Museum Lesson Inspires UT Students to Organize Human Trafficking Awareness Event

Students from Professor Misty Anderson’s English 411 class, British Literature 1660–1740, were inspired by conversations surrounding eighteenth-century slavery artifacts in the museum’s Object Study Room to organize a human trafficking panel discussion on campus.



The Decorative Duel App Screenshot UT Students Win Honorable Mention at American Alliance of Museums’ 2015 Media and Technology MUSE Awards

Students from School of Art Professor Sarah Lowe’s design studio class created mock apps for the museum’s Decorative Arts gallery in collaboration with academic programs. One student-created app, The Decorative Duel, won an award at the American Alliance of Museum’s 2015 annual conference.


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