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Students in the Geology and Fossil History of Tennessee Gallery

Geology and Fossil History of Tennessee

Science, Grades PreK–12
Time required: 30 to 50 minutes

Students can examine more than 190 actual fossils of plants and animals, including the only dinosaur bones ever found in Tennessee; authentic dinosaur eggs; life-size dioramas of Tennessee habitats and organisms of the past, with associated fossils; and minerals and rocks of Tennessee. Organisms and their adaptations to environments, survival and extinction in ecosystems; plate tectonics; and types of rocks are among the topics that can be explored with a staff member or docent. Hands-on activities may be included.

In addition to science standards noted below, the programs support literacy in science and technical subjects, part of the Common Core State Standards in English language arts (e.g., CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.9).

Tennessee Science Curriculum

Standard 3, Flow of Matter and Energy; Standard 5, Biodiversity and Change; Standard 7, The Earth

  • Pre-K: Dinosaurs and their features.
  • K: Describing features; characteristics for survival. 0007.5.1, 0007.5.3
  • 1st: Animals in habitats; extinct animals. 0107.5.2, 0107.5.3,
  • 2nd: Survival characteristics in environments; fossils; rocks. 0207.5.2, 0207.5.3, 0207.5.4, 0207.7.2
  • 3rd: Past animals & food; fossils, extinction, adaptations; rocks. spi 0307.3.2, spi 0307.5.1, spi 0307.5.2, spi 0307.7.2
  • 4th: Carnivores, herbivores, omnivores; adaptations, environmental change, fossils, extinction. 0407.3.2, spi 0407.5.1, spi 0407.5.2
  • 5th: Nutritional relationships (predator/prey; producer/consumer); adaptations, fossil formation, fossils & environments; plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes. spi 0507.2.1, spi 0507.5.1, spi 0507.5.2, spi 0507.7.1
  • 6th: Nutritional role of organisms in biomes. spi 0607.2.1
  • 7th: Rocks and the rock cycle; plate tectonics . spi 0707.7.2, spi 0707.7.3, spi 0707.7.5, spi 0707.7.6
  • 8th: Kinds of adaptations & survival; age of fossils. spi 0807.5.2, spi 0807.5.5
  • Geology: Maps; rocks and the rock cycle; fossils, adaptations, change; plate tectonics 3205.1.12, 3205.3.1, 3205.4.6, 3205.4.7, 3205.4.8, 3205.5.7


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