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Together Once Again: MSAB’s Transition to In-Person Events

The Student Board meeting on Zoom during the Spring 2021 semester

When I first joined the McClung Student Advisory Board (MSAB), I was full of ideas and ready to make a difference. Fast forward a few months and, well, Covid happened. Things weren’t looking great, but we stayed positive. And, thanks to our wonderful executive committee, we quickly shifted to working online, but things were just not the same. Everyone was exhausted by constant Zoom meetings, emails, GroupMe messages, and just the pandemic as a whole. We tried our best–and we succeeded–but it still felt like we could be doing more if it weren’t purely digital.

The Events Committee during the first board meeting of Fall 2021

Come the Spring of 2021, we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Our first in-person event was a rousing success, and our transition back to normalcy was looking good. Optimistic, we barged headfirst into this fall with a whole new vision for MSAB. We started offering in-person versions of everything we could. Anyone who wanted to be with us could, and those who were uncomfortable with in-person meetings were free to attend digitally. The difference this makes is remarkable. I feel more connected with everyone I meet in-person, rather than just staring at a box on a screen. Our member engagement has increased, and students are now more willing than ever to participate in the planning and execution of the board’s responsibilities.


Things have not been easy, but they have been worth it. Yes, the growing pains hurt, but they are just a reminder that what we are doing is working. I love the board, and I hope that all of our members feel like they have gained something from their time with us. It has been and will continue to be an honor to be a part of the McClung Museum Student Advisory Board, and I cannot wait to see what our future holds.

Student board members following an in-person meeting in Fall 2021


This post was written by Sean Burke, MSAB President and Chair of the Events Committee.

Sean Burke, MSAB President