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An Update from the MSAB Fundraising Committee: December 2021

As the Treasurer and leader of the Fundraising Committee, my goal for this semester was to increase communication and committee specific efficiency. We divided the committee into four subcommittees, each with an assigned leader. This allowed each member to independently develop a portion of each project and collaborate with one another to achieve their goals. Additionally, we tracked and documented our progress in order to create a template for future generations of the board. Each of our committee members wrote a short paragraph about what they have been up to this semester:


Anna Parrish (Writing leader): As a member of the Fundraising Committee, I am in charge of writing out what MSAB is and what we do in a clear, verbal presentation. This involves looking into how MSAB is involved with the community and using that information to help us build a presentation for future fundraising events. As writing leader, I created a rough outline of what points we want to get across, to make a clear and concise verbal message.


Mak Harmon (Visuals leader): Throughout this semester, I have worked to create the visual materials related to MSAB’s fundraising efforts. As part of my position, I transform the research and writing of the committee’s other members into legible PowerPoints, flyers, and social media posts that can be used to promote our initiatives.


Ashlynn Malone (Research leader): As a member of the Fundraising Committee, I have been responsible for the information and research of creating a fundraiser. That involves researching ideas and facts to use to create a plan for a successful fundraiser. For example, I looked up standard percentages to ask restaurants for during fundraiser nights. This semester has been primarily focused on planning a restaurant percentage night.


Anna Duffey (Content leader): As part of the Fundraising Committee, I manage the documentation of our project for MSAB and act as a reference guide for the future generations of our club. I have helped with creating our statement and overall purpose as an organization for potential fundraising donors to see. As content leader, I help assist our social media by creating content such as infographics. One specific example is our flyer from our Percentage night at Chipotle.


Overall, the Fundraising Committee has put in valuable work this past semester in order to set a solid foundation for future years. If you would like to help support our fundraising efforts, the McClung Student Advisory Board will be hosting a percentage night fundraiser at Chipotle (1701 Cumberland Ave, Knoxville, TN 37916) on Friday, December 4th at 4:00 to 8:00 pm. Place an order and tell your cashier about the fundraiser or use code “TPC6V99” when placing a pick-up order to donate 33% of your payment to benefit MSAB!

This post was written by Lisette Morris, MSAB Treasurer and Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Lisette Morris, MSAB Treasurer