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#CraftoftheDay: How To Make A Monster

Materials Needed

Construction paper

Puff balls or cotton balls             

Stapler or tape                        

Googly eyes (optional)       

Streamers/Tissue paper 

Liquid glue





  1. Cut a piece of construction paper in half (hamburger style).
  2. Cut four to five strips of tissue paper or streamers. 
  3. Attach the strips of streamers or tissue paper along one end of the longer edges of the construction paper.

  1. Flip the paper over, and glue down the puff balls to the opposite end of the construction paper. You can add googly eyes to the top of the puff balls.


Wait for the glue to be mostly dry before moving on to the next step.

    5. Create a cylinder by stapling or taping the ends of the construction paper together.

  1. You now have your monster!