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David Meriwether’s Pocket Watch

Pocket watch, 1793, silver and gold, gift of Sue Matt Meriwether Hotchkiss,  1960.8.1.

This pocket watch belonged to General David Meriwether who fought in the Revolutionary War. He is most known for leading the American troops in the Second siege of Savannah, Georgia in 1779 retaking the city from British occupants. Meriwether was also good friends with the founding father, Thomas Jefferson. This watch bears the inscription on the back “Thomas Jefferson to General David Meriwether, 1793.” This personal note is even written in Jefferon’s noticeable handwriting. This must have been an expensive gift as well, as United States large scale watch production wasn’t available until the 1830s.

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  1. Interesting object. Thanks for the well-written and informative “Object of the Week.” It offers an effective way to stay connected to the museum.

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