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Newspaper from Kennedy’s Assassination

The Dallas Morning News newspaper, November 23, 1963, published by George Dealey, donated by Fred Coram. 1968.1.1.1.

On this day 54 years ago, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated at roughly 12:30 pm by Lee Harvey Oswald during a campaign procession in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. This newspaper was printed the day after the President’s murder. Every headline addresses the maelstrom of events that happened in the homicide’s wake. Johnson was quickly swore into the oath of Presidency at 2:38 pm while on the Air Force One’s trip back to Washington with Kennedy’s body. Another headline points to how the current Governor of Texas, John Connally, was making a steady recovery despite being hit by the assassin as well. Lee Harvey Oswald would not be arrested until November 24 so this newspaper can only stipulate who it was. Showing the political climate at the time, the newspaper notes nothing about the assassin, except that they were probably a communist.


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